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Welcome To NastyCode.Com Terms Page!

Terms of Service

  • No profanity / porn / illegal drugs

  • No gambling / slander or libel / copyright infringement

  • No promotion of violence

  • No spam, illegal cracking, or DDoS

  • Only one account per person

  • Do not share passwords or accounts

  • IRCNow is the network of the user, by the user, for the user. We ask that everyone follow these rules:

    By using our servers, you agree to our privacy policy. Services which are offered by NaStYcOdE or IRCNow are provided as-is with no warranty. If you sign up to an account, you agree not to hold NaStYcOdE or IRCNow responsible for any data loss, damages, or downtime!

    NaStYcOdE Shell Account Terms

    Technical restrictions
  • DALNet allows up to 4 connections per person

  • IRCNow allows up to 20 connections per person (max 5 per IPv4)

  • No malicious bots allowed

  • Running tor is not allowed

  • Torrents are not allowed

  • Cryptocurrency mining is not allowed

  • Max 2 connections per IRC network per person

  • DALNet allows up to 4 connections per person

  • NaStYcOdE allows up to 5 connections per person

  • No port scanning without permission

  • To request a account please login to our chat server at irc.nastycode.com chat channel #nastycode and type !help in channel #nastycode to get help with setting up free shell, bouncer or email account!

  • We offer Free Shell account for you to host your website, eggdrop or irc server on custom ports on NaStYcOdE.COM VPS

    you could have a telegram bot, a web, or an automated program and always stay connected

    To Contact us send a email to support@nastycode.com

    connect to irc on server irc.nastycode.com port 6667 or ssl 6697 in the #NastyCode channel


  • IRC is an unmoderated medium. NastyCode does not log or scrutinize the traffic which passes through
    this server. We take no responsibility, and explicitly disclaim any legal
    liability for the content of any messages which pass through this server, and the results of running any commands you do as a result of being "on IRC"


channel #nastycode


NaStYcOdE IRC Staff

SplinTer jrmu Quo-Fan jlj gtlsgamr Jim

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